Packing Machine SC40

Martinenghi Aluminium Tubes

The SC40 packing machine was designed and built for automatically boxing of cylindrical hollow bodies such as aluminium tubes, plastic tubes and rigid containers in single layer cartoon boxes. It ensures extremely high standards in terms of quality, simplicity and reliability.

The PLC managed packaging system, suitable for all types of containers, along with a fully automatic format change over solution, makes this machine a real automated robot. The available loading systems ensure high line. SC40 packing machines have the characteristics required to be the trustworthy partners of manufacturers aiming at state-of-the-art quality and business.

The empty boxes - that can be loaded either vertically, horizontally or flat, according to the type of packaging - are stored in a stockpile in order to ensure several minutes of independent production. They are conveyed to the working area by a dedicated device.

The containers arrive from the production line in horizontal position and are transferred by means of a toothed conveyor belt in front of the cartoon box. A thrust device pushes the rows of tubes into the box. The filled boxes are tipped to a horizontal position by servomotor device and transferred to the unloading roller bed.

The machine settings according to box dimensions are fully automatic, ensured by pneumatic PLC controlled motors. The format change procedure is facilitated by a button which releases the belt. Customized executions are available for specific requirements.