Laminate Tubes

Leak Testers "P Series"

General description

The leak testers “P Series” are automatic machines installed into production lines, which carry out the 100% quality control of laminated tubes - by accurate pressure test - in order to eject incorrect parts which could be affected by holes, fissures or other leakages.

The machine layout is similar and foresees:

- Two segments moved by servomotors.
- Four vacuum-assisted holding sectors fixed on the segments.
- Monitoring station equipped by pressure sensors.
- Infeed system, optionally provided by accumulator.
- Discharging system.

Machines take full advantage of the innovative conveying system made of two independent segments rotating in a coordinated way, each driven by a servomotor. On each holder two segments are fitted at 180°, each with a number of seats, able to hold the tubes during the working operations.
Tubes coming from the upstream machine are lifted to the loading area by means of a basket conveyor. It releases the tubes into a vacuum star-wheel which aligns the tubes and provides the piece transfer from the elevator to the vacuum holding sectors. This device collects the tubes and, according to a designed kinematics, quickly transfers the tubes in front of the testing station, where an extended dwell time allows a very reliable and accurate pressure test. After having performed the pressure test, tubes are released in another vacuum drum, which transfers them to an unloading conveyor. Tubes that fail the test are rejected by air blow from the production stream.

All “P Series” machines are designed to handle finished tubes (with caps). Main features of the machine are:

- 100% in-line production control
- Precise and smooth tube transfer along the machine parts
- Certified “ZERO defect” system, thanks to monitored ejection of the damaged tube.
- Automatic statistical sampling for quality control
- Immediate change-over system for tube length, with set-up storing function.
- Quick change-over system for diameter, with set-up storing function.
- Control inspection certificate and reporting that can be linked to the internal ERP software.
- Easy installation, even in existing lines.