Leak Control Machine LX12

General description

The machine inherited the well-known and innovative conveying system already adopted with the LC200 tube detector: two independent holders rotating in a coordinated way, each driven by a planetary reduction device moved by a brushless motor. On each holder two segments are fitted at 180°, each with multiple seats, able to hold the cans, even already shaped, during the working operation.

The sophisticated motion of these segments, responding to the various timings required by the different process functions (continuous loading-unloading and discontinuous monitoring of the cans) is achieved by means of inverters controlled by PLC.

The resulting motion of the segments allows the loading and unloading of cans at line production speed while it makes it possible to test the cans when standing in the fixed monitoring station for the time required.

The control station is made of 12 pressure gauges, fed by a pneumatic circuit equipped with controls of pressure, flow capacity and air filtering. The gauges are mounted on a sliding support, equipped with heads and gaskets.

During the test operation these heads close the cans and blow compressed air inside, while the gauges check the pressure values inside the cans, which are then compared with the reference values memorized in the PLC of the machine. The cans which do not comply with the standard values are blown off from the downloading drum.