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Extrusion Press Rhino PX Series

Extrusion Press Rhino PX4000S


Our new Rhino presses take their name from an animal with a legendary power: the
rhinoceros. They not only embody its strength, but also its wisdom and, above all, the
reliability. In a market sick and tired of the same old solutions, Rhino comes to break the
rules: exclusive innovations, more freedom of choice, more technical efficiency, better cost

Innovation: the only machine on the market to offer important and exclusive technological advantages, such as the innovative feeding system and the revolutionary kinematic ram.

Freedom: a new player, able to satisfy the real needs of our customers, finally free to choose a tailor-made solution.

Efficiency: the most advanced mechanical solutions in terms of performance and reliability, as well as after-sales assistance.

Cost optimization: perfect integration in the production line, with the whole Martinenghi technological ecosystem.  And a particularly aggressive price on the market.