Digital Printing Machine Michelangelo KX48P

Martinenghi KX48P is the digital printing machine born from the genius and the creativity of a team highly experienced in the design and manufacture of machinery for tubes and aerosol cans. It opens a new era in the decoration of hollow bodies, ensuring the highest standards of productivity, reliability and quality and giving to all our customers the freedom to lead market changes, rather than follow them.

All batches can be handled as printing a queue, so it is technically possible to print each single tube with its own unique decoration! Quality is guaranteed by a built-in camera detection system. It means a real revolution in production output and capability. Furthermore, it gives to the end customer an unbelievable range of marketing opportunities.

Thanks to the contactless nature of our system, the substrate and printing heads are never in contact, and there are no mechanical stresses on the mandrels. So, Martinenghi’s engineers have developed a smart solution, composed of eight linear motors coupled to a laser measuring system, for conveying the parts under the printing deck with extremely high accuracy*. This patented device guarantees the highest efficiency in the printing process.

A huge effort has resulted in the development of appropriate raw materials that guarantee both the sharpest, shiniest graphic result and the fulfilment of extensive production homologation tests. Specific graphic software manages the whole process, continuously monitoring the quality of the output. Now, aerosol can and collapsible tube manufacturers are in the position to decorate their products using the optimum digital process.

Martinenghi is developing a complete training program that starts before the installation and includes both theoretical sessions and practical hours on a machine in a production environment. Our support is always available after the installation, thanks to network devices and remote assistance, as well as on-site support delivered worldwide.

* Technical Advisor: Politecnico di Milano