Combi Cleaning/Leak Control Machine CL6

Martinenghi Aluminium Tubes

CL6 is an innovative machine, expressly designed for the pharmaceutical and food sector, but also suitable for high quality industrial production requirements. This machine is able to clean tubes internally (CM200) and check the presence of leaks in tubes (LC200) – all in one single, reliable and flexible machine.

Thanks to its compact tubes loading and unloading system, the machine can be easily installed in any existing line – even high speed production lines.

The two control stations - one for cleaning and one for leak control – handle eight tubes per operation: the cleaning station blows micro filtered air through nozzles, thus removing any solid particles that may have remained inside the tubes - which are then removed from the working area by means of a suction unit.

The second control station blows low-pressure air into the tubes while a transducer controls any drops in pressure by comparing the standard parameters stored in the PLC of the machine – thus determining the presence of leaks. Those tubes which are not up to standard (with leaks) will be ejected.

Simple format changes make the machine extremely flexible and suitable to every production requirement. The customizable touch screen control panel makes “tuning-up” operations very simple for the machine operator.

As with all Martinenghi machines, also the CL6 is equipped with a remote diagnostic system.