Cleaning Machine CM200

The CM200 is a machine for internal cleaning of metal containers, after the extrusion phase.

Thanks to its compact tubes loading and unloading systems, the machine may be easily installed into any existing line – even high speed production lines.

The machine has been designed with an innovative concept of conveying made up of two independent sectors moved with variable speed by means of servomotors controlled by PLC. At each side of both sectors there are eight seats where the tubes are held by means of depression.

Loading of tubes onto the sectors is facilitated by means of a loading drum. Once all the eight tubes have been loaded, the sector moves at high speed towards the cleaning station where it stops according to a preset time. The sector then moves on quickly and positions itself in front of the unloading drum where it slows down and discharges the pieces.

The combined action of high-pressure air combined with strong suction lead to thorough cleaning of each tube, removing the presence of any aluminium solid particles or/and powder.

Easy format changes to the machine confer great flexibility and adjustability to the single production requirements. The customizable touch screen control panel makes “tuning-up” by the operator a simple task.

As with all Martinenghi machines, also the CM200 is equipped with a remote diagnostic system.