Brushing Machine SBR2

General description

The machine automatically brushes the cylindrical surface of the cans in order to erase the extrusion fi­nishing and to achieve the desired shining metal effect.

The cans are driven by a rods conveyor through the brushing area that is composed by a lower friction belt, which keeps the cylindrical cans in rotation, and an upper belt, specially developed for this purpose, which performs the brushing process.

The number of brushing groups is set accordingly to the requested production speed. The same process is carried out in wet ambient, and It is also suitable where DWI cans are produced at high speed. The processes are controlled by PLC.

Main Technical Features

Can diameter (min - max): 35 - 66 mm

Can length (max) 300 mm

Production rate: adjustable up to 400 pcs/1’

Installed power: 15 kW