About Us

Engineering & Packaging Innovation

Martinenghi S.r.l. designs and produces advanced machines for manufacturing aluminium and plastic tubes.

Enthusiasm, passion, experience and high competence are the driving force behind our Company. We spare no effort in providing what our customers need and we anticipate market trends.

Each and every Martinenghi appliance and production line is manufactured to adjust to the specifications of any kind of cylindrical container and can be further tailored to allow maximum flexibility for any market needs.


Founded in 1945 by Luigi and Corradino Martinenghi, Martinenghi S.r.l. begins by operating in the automotive and motorcycle industry, the mechanical sector by excellence.

In 1950 the Company entered the market of machines for flexible aluminium tubes, subsequently extending its expertise to the field of aerosol cans, aluminium tubes and cylindrical containers, in plastic too.

In 1982 Martinenghi became part of the “La Metallurgica” Group, which allowed Martinenghi to expand its horizons into research and technological development, with huge success in domestic and international markets.

As 2014, Martinenghi is one of the most creative and innovative exhibitors at the Metpack Fair (Essen, Germany), the main name in the research and development sector for digital printing on aluminium tubes. Martinenghi introduced the Michelangelo Machine into the market.

The Michelangelo machine, named after the Italian renown Renaissance artist, is an authentic break-through in tube decoration. It allows customers to personalise a huge range of consumption products with maximum efficiency and minimum waste.

Martinenghi, Mission Statement

At Martinenghi, we believe in innovation, we endeavour to be progressive in our technical knowledge and to anticipate the needs of our customers. Our commitment towards our clients’ satisfaction is unreserved and essential for the prosperity of our Company.

In an ever changing global market, Martinenghi provides the best answer to help our client's customisation needs. Martinenghi combines a unique set of capabilities, essential to obtain the best results for our clients; technological know-how, with efficient customer service and a quick response.