Newco Martinenghi Tech

We are delighted to announce that on September 9th, 2021, the company branch of Martinenghi S.r.l. has been acquired by a newco called Martinenghi Tech S.r.l.
With Martinenghi Tech S.r.l. a company has been set up in which 
MOSS S.r.l., a world leader company for over 50 years in the construction of dry-offset and silk-screen printing machines, located in Reggio Emilia, Via Pasteur 123/1, has entered the capital with a majority stake.
In the new corporate structure, the ownership of MOSS s.r.l. will have the operational management, will outline the new strategies and will be supported by the original ownership of Martinenghi s.r.l. which will remain with a minority stake by contributing to the development of the new company with its own skills.
Martinenghi Tech’s activity will continue to take place at the Albignano d’Adda plant, with the aim of guaranteeing the continuity and in compliance with the objective of being able to increasingly develop the specificities and technological know-how carried out by Martinenghi s.r.l. over the years and from the latter inherited.
We are sure that you will share and appreciate this new path of development and that you will continue to support us to build our and your success together.